The EUACC -European-African Culture Center is a community system that seeks to introduce the people of the two continents to each other through various community systems.These include art, sports, history, NGOs, and more.Hiszünk a KÖZÖSSÉG erejében. Az egymástól való félelem egyik fő oka a tudatlanságból fakad.Join our community, build a more beautiful world together.Introduce your organization through the EUACC. We are waiting for the introduction of non-governmental organizations, clubs, communities and individuals.We look forward to introducing NGOs, clubs, communities and individuals, be they artists, writers, painters, singers, bands, sports clubs, athletes, dancers, actors and more .Write your interests and which country’s culture interests you.Become a member of our organization, choose a membership fee according to whether you are an organization or an individual. Special thanks for the individual donats .